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  • Flight Instruction is provided by Michael O'Neal, a professional pilot for over 25 years with 14,500 hours as a flight instructor and over 25,00 hours total time.
  • Instruction is available to fit your schedule. Available times are mornings, evenings, nights, weekends... once a week or five times a week.
  • Normally instruction is on a one to one basis, but in some circumstances working with two students simultaneously can be advantageous.
  • Training is done in a single engine or multi-engine aircraft for the Private, Recreational, and Commercial certificates. Instrument rating can be accomplished in your own aircraft or with rental aircraft.
  • Rates for instruction towards these certificates and ratings is $60 per hour. Please contact me for current rental rates for aircraft.
  • Instruction for Flight Instructor certificate is provided. Contact us for rates.

We can also obtain all necessary training materials and supplies as well as schedule your required FAA medical exam, written test and practical test.

For further information, or to schedule a meeting, please contact
by e-mail: Mike O'Neal or by phone at 770-377-2169.
Evanthe Papastathis or by phone at 678-691-3283.